Energy Management to drive efficiency

Better understand your energy usage, improve efficiency and save money.

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Energy management solutions & consultancy to suit your business

Improve the efficiency of your business’ energy with our range of energy monitoring and consultancy services.

Better understanding your business’ energy usage can help you to improve efficiency and reduce costs; active energy management can reduce consumption by around 15%. Our Power Usage services provide you with an analysis of your business electricity usage, displaying visual energy usage trends and identifying areas to increase energy efficiency.

Power Usage reporting

Monthly report to help you better understand your half-hourly electricity usage trends, make efficiency improvements and save money.

Smart Power Monitoring

Real time energy monitoring and control allowing you to review usage for specific equipment and trigger alerts when unusual energy use is detected.

Energy Management Solutions

From simple reporting to real time energy management we have a solution to suit you

Power Usage Reporting

Get clear, actionable insights for your business’ electricity consumption with monthly energy reports, helping you to better understand your usage, make efficiency improvements and save money.

Discover important metrics for your business’ electricity consumption, from daily usage trends to utilisation during the most expensive power price periods.

Take a look at our Power Usage guide to find out more.

Smart Power Monitoring 

Offering an integrated hardware and software management solution, allowing you to take full control of your business’ energy efficiency.

Real time analysis of your businesses energy usage, by area or equipment, allows you to gain greater control of your business’ energy usage. An unobtrusive implementation by fully trained installers gets your business ready to receive real-time energy monitoring data, with no impact on business operations.

Key Benefits:

  • Real-time energy data to measure, monitor and control energy usage
  • Review energy performance by area, specific loads or equipment
  • Track energy wastage by area
  • Trigger alerts and alarms for excessive energy usage, plant failure or maintenance
  • Remote monitoring and control of equipment and energy usage
  • Unobtrusive installation with zero disturbance to business


Energy shouldn't be a hidden metric, unlock your business' energy usage and become transparent in your consumption.

Information on your energy consumption provides your business with the ability to make informed decisions and take steps to improve your energy efficiency; improving your carbon footprint and saving your business money.
Visualise Consumption

Visualise Consumption

See trends and monitor consumption

Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

Shift demand and alter business operations

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Identify opportunities to reduce electricity use

Getting you set up

Wondering what to do next? Get in touch to start your journey to better energy understanding and improved energy efficiency

1. Getting started

Get in touch to discuss your Energy Management requirements. Email with your business name and MPAN number.

2. Your consultation

We'll review your energy account and be in contact to discuss Energy Management options.

3. Your decision

Using our recommendations, you can make the choice of which service is best for your energy management.

4. Improve and save

Better understanding of your energy usage allows you to identify opportunities to reduce your energy costs.

Energy Awareness

Improve your businesses energy efficiency and lower your costs.

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